Alm Mountain landscape Dolomites Summit


Our surrounding offers a great variety of recreational activities.


During summertime hiking in the unique mountain landscape of the Dolomites can be a fascinating experience. You can find the proper routes for every wish: it is your choise if you want to conquer a 3000 m summit, or if you want to enjoy the scenery during a relaxing walking-tour. A popular destination is the Fane Alp, an idyllic mountain village above Vals, which you can reach by car in 5 minutes.

You can find further proposals for hiking, spa and athletic activities here:

Swimming pools:


In the middle of the mountains, surrounded by a fantastic snow landscape, during winter you have the sploit for choise. Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or skating, the most beautiful winter sport areas are in immediate proximity.

(ca. 5 minutes by car)